We finally got some good news about Little League baseball. It looks like they will have a season after all. But there are some serious safety rules that the boys need to know before they hit the field. Listen as the sometimes obnoxious and overbearing Big League Chooch quizzes the little leaguers. We are excited that Ryan got word he can play Little League baseball starting in July. There were so many questions on whether or not he would even have a season. But with the okay to play comes all the new guidelines and safety rules because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We received a whole list of new ways the kids will be playing baseball this summer and the list is extensive. For starters, the kids will not be allowed to contact each other to celebrate. There are no hi-fives, hugs, handshakes, or any form of celebrating. Players cannot chew gum, eat seeds, or spit at any time during the game or in the dugout. They cannot share equipment. They must use their own. Another rule is that spectators at games are limited to two per player.

I am known to get a little vocal at Ryan's games and that's when the Big League Chooch comes out. When we got all of these new rules and protocols, I couldn't help myself. So as the Big League Chooch, I quizzed a couple of Little Leaguers to find out if they knew the rules. Here's how it went.

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