With Capital Region temperatures about to skyrocket this weekend, maybe a little side-hustle by your kids could help them generate enough cha-ching for a new bike, some video games, toys or even contribute to a local charity.  This young man's cold marketing strategy was so successful, neighbors called the cops in an attempt freeze out the young entrepreneurs plans. But to no avail.  This is a classic case of 'buyer beware' and why you always should read the fine print!

According to CBS 6 News, a young man seen holding a sign that said 'Ice Cold Beer' attracted the attention of neighbors and cops in a Utah town.  Rather than being shut-down by the local police, they applauded him for his efforts and even posed for photos with the clever kid.  You see, the young hustler was selling 'Ice Cold (Root) Beer' and according to the report was making some serious bank!

Simple. Effective. Harmless.  No wonder I never thought of it as a kid!

Ice Cold Beer Kid photo from Brigham City PD Facebook