Here is a video that is simply amazing. It was posted by The New York Times on their website on Sunday. The video is from inside the elevator that takes you up to the observation deck at One World Trade Center, and it depicts the changing New York City skyline over a span of 500 years. the elevator uses LED walls, to bring you through time.

It goes from the year 1500 to present day and it is complete with sound effects to give you an even more all encompassing feeling. I have seen technology like this before , for instance Universal Studios in Florida uses it to make their train ride from one park to another actually look and feel like you are riding the train to Hogwart's in the movie Harry Potter. Perhaps we will start seeing it more and more in our everyday lives , making the most tedious moments, like elevator rides more enjoyable , and educational.

I will warn you though there is one kind of eerie part where you see the World Trade Center appear at about 1970 and then vanish in 2001. You could argue that this is a bit too hard to see but I felt it was done well and brings home the reality of what happened that day without smacking you in the face with it, you know? Never forget.


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