I hate uncomfortable silence. You know those painful moments when you're standing close to another person but neither one of you is saying a word.  I get anxiety just thinking about it.  During those moments, I'm inclined to say something even if it's perfectly normal to say nothing at all.  That happened to me this morning when I was in an elevator in my building with a guy who I barely know.  Instead of just riding it out and quietly waiting for the doors to open (like any normal person would), I decided to make small-talk with a guy I barely know. As we were waiting for the elevator to take us down to the lobby, I casually tossed out a 'Hey, happy Valentine's Day man' to the guy. I knew as soon as the words were coming out of my mouth, there wasn't a darn thing I could do.  So I went for it!   Hear the rest of the uncomfortable story from this morning's show with Brian and Chrissy on GNA, right here.

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