While looking around the internet, I came across the world's creepiest bug and you have to see this video. I'm not a bug expert, I have no idea what's happening but there's no way that's a moth.

Gandik of Semarang, Indonesia posted the video on his Facebook and Mashable picked up the story. Face value it just looks like some kind of winged insect with some orange and grey things coming out of it. Apparently, though, it's just a "Creatonotos gangis moth" - a moth? Absolutely not.

The hairy things on the bug are scent glands found in the male moths to disperse pheromones, or "sex stuff" as Mashable says. This moth doesn't even look real and no worries, they're only found in southeast Asia and Australia.

I don't know what female moths find appealing in a mate, being a human and everything, all I know is that seeing this would send me in the opposite direction burning my house down.

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