Gas prices are soon going to be taking another change in their dollar amount.  This time, the price of gas will be going up, again! According to the U.S. Energy Department, the average price of gasoline will be three-dollars-71 cents a gallon during the summer peak driving season of June, July and August -- almost a dollar higher than last summer.


Gas most recently spiked up by 38 cents and another ten cent increase could be seen sooner than later.  So what is the solution?  Alternate means of travel.  Maybe we could all start riding horses to get around town.  It sure would elevate the over abundance of wild horses out west.

On the ironic side, just yesterday I had my dogs down to the stables I board my horses at. (I bring them there on nicer days to burn off some steam.)  However, Bentley decided it would be fun to chase and follow three deer to the field way out back (total size of propert is 50 acres).  Of course I could hear him barking, but could not see him.  While calling his name, which he obviously had forgotten at the time, I was also trying to figure out how I was going to get him back if he just kept following the deer into the woods.


Of course the owner of the property was not around and neither was their four-wheeler, which was my first solution to getting out into the snowy field.  However, a friend of mine was quick to point out that I could always jump on my horse bareback and ride into the field.  Can we say "duh, why didn't I think of that?"  Of course the joke was that I only thinking of  a solution involving a throttle.  Fortunately, the dog decided to come back just as I was about to initiate my friend's quick plan.

Honestly, that's the problem now a days with my generation and the generations after me.  No one rides their bikes, walks to the store or carpools as much as they use to.  Everyone thinks something with gas is the only means of travel.  When in reality, that only makes the supply and demand of oil go up.  That's why in those summer driving months, gas goes up so much because the oil companies know everyone will be traveling no matter what during the better weather.


Moral of the story -- next time we talk about gas, maybe it will go down if we all jumped on horses to go round up our dogs rather than burning frivolous amounts of gas.  Here's a picture of the tired, little culprit.

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