Mike Wallace was one of the first news legends for the CBS news magazine ’60 Minutes’ died in New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday night.

It was just reported on the CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ show by the shows host Charles Osgood and also by CBS's Bob Scheiffer,  who is the host of “Face the Nation.” It was also reported in the New York Times.

Wallace semi-retired in 2006. One of Wallace’s most notable stories was when he did en exclusive interview with baseball legend Roger Clemens when he was accused of steroid use in 2008. On the CBS news program ’60 Minutes, Wallace was also one of the original correspondents.

Some of his first jobs in broadcasting had their roots in radio. He was a continuoty director and news reporter for  Grand Rapids, Michigan radio station WOOD, and then onto being an announcer at Detroit’s WXYZ. After moving to television, Mike hosted the ‘CBS Morning News,’ in the mid 1960s. ’60 Minutes’ debuted in 1968, which he was one of the pioneers of the show.

Mike Wallace had his family with him when he died. Our condolences to the family of Mike Wallace, dead at 93.