This is quite coincidental, actually.  I was watching 60 Minutes this weekend and saw a fascinating story about a former soviet spy who now lives in Upstate New York.  Then Ariana, the head of our digital department, sent me a link to a story that explains exactly WHERE! 

Schagticoke, that's where!  According to an article in the, he's Jack Barsky, a Cold War-era Soviet spy who has been living up here for a couple of years now working for an electric company!

The story on 60 Minutes was absolutely fascinating.  In fact, I found it on YouTube.  Here's Part One.

Spoiler alert - not only was his identity hidden for so long from the public, his own family really didn't even know about his activities.  In fact, he had a wife and child in Germany AND in the U.S. and neither knew about the others!

According to the article, Jack is about to write about his life.  The heck with that, Jack.  This would make a fantastic movie!


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