Would you post an obituary for any of your pets? That's what Lindsey Ruiz of Albany did to memorialize her cat.

It probably sounds like a first to you, and that is just what it was for the Times Union: Lindsey is the first person to post a paid death notice for her beloved cat Cinnoman Puff Ruiz. I thought everyone posting  cat photos to Facebook was taking our love of felines to whole new level, but this definitely trumps that!

And it read just like a human obit. Here's how it kicks off:

"Cinnoman Puff Ruiz (born April 22, 1998) passed away on Sept. 30, 2016 at 18 years old after leading a healthy and vibrant life."

It mentions family who have also moved on.

"Cinnoman was predeceased by her biological mother Minnie Mite Ruiz, her biological brothers Bravo and Daddy-o, her adopted siblings Kristy Puff Ruiz and Puff Junior (PJ) Ruiz, and several of her great grandparents."

And closes with...

"In lieu of tears, please share your happiest memories on her Facebook page."

I will say this - Lindsey definitely loved this cat. It is crazy how these little furry creatures become a part of lives and families. We have 2 kitties at home, Ebony and Stirling. And I see how much our kiddos love them; I don't know if they would ever write an obit, but the love is definitely there.

On a side note, Ruiz also told the Times Union she would like to be buried with the cat's remains when she passes away, which is now legal in the state of New York.



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