I wish I had thought of this, but this may be the latest trend for all pet owners in the future that have lost a beloved friend. I came across a very unique obituary in a local newspaper and I wondered why no one had thought of this before!

Local Pet Owner Pays Homage to Furry Friend

You probably didn't catch it in the April 16th Daily Gazette newspaper or online. These owners obviously loved their Chihuahua enough to write a very heartfelt obituary after he had passed. The parents of this dog felt he was as much part of their family as any other blood relative and deserved to be honored with their own obituary in the paper.

The obituary in the Daily Gazette was sweet. It read:

Daily Gazette
Daily Gazette

Jose Cuervo Gruber, 16, passed away peacefully in his Momma's arms on April 14, 2022. Born September 12, 2005, he lived a well-loved life.

Jose was a kind and gentle Chihuahua who loved animals and of course all the attention he could get from anyone and everyone. He loved to hear how cute he was. Also, there wasn't a blanket or a bed that he didn't love.

Jose is survived by His Mom and dad, Sue and Tom Gruber, His sisters Roo Roo and Princess ( his partner in crime), His grandma and Grandpa Adams and Grandpa Coleman.

He will be greatly missed by all.

Hoping This is a New Trend

It is never easy to lose a pet. Their unconditional love and companionship are hard to be without. I love that this family was able to express and honor their love of Jose Cuervo Gruber for everyone to read. I think if newspapers and online sources were smart, they should have their own sections for pet obituaries. I know I would put a heartfelt goodbye in for my furry friends when they pass.

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