The Downtown Schenectady Italian staple had been closed since March 2019 with no word on it's future. Now, months later, we know what's happening and it's good news!

Cappiello Foods opened in 1921 and quickly became an Italian staple in my hometown of Schenectady. Sadly, as we mentioned in an earlier post, since the death of matriarch Mary Cappiello, the historic business had been closed.

It seemed as if there was an issue within the family over money and ownership and during that time, the business was closed with no news on it ever opening ever again. Thankfully, without any notice, we know that Cappiello Foods is back open thanks to their Facebook.

They said in an announcement posted earlier today, "We know it's taken a while but today we are happy to announce that we are back open for business! Our business hours are now Wednesday-Friday 9AM-5PM and Saturday 9AM-4PM, while this is a change from our previous business days/hours we hope that everyone will be accommodating to the new schedule. Also product availability will be limited for the time being. We appreciate all of your patience and support during this time, hope to see you soon."

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