DISCLAIMER- This headline makes it sound like I'm part of this fine organization or something. All I did was provide the music.  These people and others do the dirty work to find companions for rescured animals.  That being said…..

It was a great evening at the Western Turnpike Golf Course in Guilderland back on May 10th. More than anything else, it really showed the public  the fantastic work that Meterologist Steve Caporizzo, his fantabulous wife Lisa, newscaster extraordinare Elisa Streeter and so many others do for this worthwhile cause.

Steve showed a video of a story he did awhile ago where he and others went on an amazing trek to rescue dogs in Ohio.  Gripping, to say the least.

Equally heartbreaking accounts came from right in our own backyard.  Take the case of "Buddy" who was in a terribly abusive situation in Glenmont.  I don't even want to rehash the details.  It makes me crazy to even think about it.  (His hair was so matted down, he had to be sedated to be shaved, OK?  Does that give you some idea of how he was treated?)

Well, fast forward to today.  Here he is with his loving new owners - Jennifer and Brent White

photo by Richie Phillips

Look at that cute expression!  Happy, healthy and raring to go!

Steve took the emcee role, of course, showing many of the pets in question in a very moving slide presentation.

photo by Richie Phillips

Then Elisa Streeter took the podium and explained how her kids badgered her for YEARS to get a dog.  Both parents categorically refused ,until one day her daughter presented a very convincing powerpoint presentation BEGGING for one (LOL),  so they gave in, as all good parents eventually do, and  adopted a Bichon Frise.  In fact, they now have TWO, with one in very rough physical shape by the way.

photo by Richie Phillips

Oddly enough, it wasn't a totally depressing nite at all, because you see what these caring folks have done to take in these animals with very positive results.   I'm sure there are many more out there  who are doing something similar.

And yes, I had to have a picture with Steve.  Hey, I'm a fan - what can I say?  (I'm equally a big fan of his wife Lisa who worked like a dog - no pun intended - to put the event together)

photo by Richie Phillips