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Who Are Your Favorite Local TV Personalities Of All Time?
Elisa Streeter from News 10 ABC said goodbye to viewers last night after covering local news in our area with integrity, warmth, professionalism, and grace for 30 years.  We've said good bye to some truly great tv personalities over the years.  Some have retired, passed away, others left to pursue o…
Local News Icon Retiring After 30 Years
TV news anchor Elisa Streeter has spent 30 years on the air and in our homes at News 10 ABC.  When she announced recently that she's set to retire at the end of the year, I was happy for her, but sad for us.  Streeter is a personal favorite of mine, and surely will be missed.
Elisa Streeter From WTEN On The Sean And Richie Show [AUDIO]
Now and then we get the chance to head to "The Sunny Side of the Streeter". It's always fun when WTEN's Elisa Streeter joins the show but today was maybe my favorite visit to date. Today  Elisa came on the show and put out stories she knew would get Sean and I going.…