Walmart has joined Hannaford, Price Chopper and Shop Rite in offering the online service.

According to the Times Union, you can now shop for your groceries online and pick them up in store at the Walmart locations in Halfmoon, Glenville and East Greenbush. The service is free, but you must spend at least $30 to utilize it. The stores have shoppers who go out in the stores to fulfill the orders.

I get the convenience of this, but isn't the best part of shopping at Walmart actually going there? All jokes aside about people watching at Walmart, but I actually like getting lost there looking at whatever and stumbling across stuff I didn't even know I needed.

Either way, you can download the Walmart app to get started with your online shopping and the Times Union says if you place your order by 10am you can pick up that same day! Not too shabby if you are looking to save a little time on your way home from work at night!

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