After 5 other Upstate New York economic regions hit phase 2 or reopening last week, the Capital Region looks like it will follow suit this Wednesday.

Maybe you have been eagerly anticipating that haircut you so desperately want and need. Maybe you have just been craving a little more normalcy visiting the favorite shop of yours that has been closed. Well, this is certainly good news.

According to a Channel 13 WNYT report, Governor Cuomo announced in his daily press conference today that the Capital Region is on track to begin phase 2 of reopening this Wednesday. So what does this mean as far as what will be reopening?  Retail stores can reopen, real estate can resume and so can barbershops and hair salons.

Obviously we want to get haircuts, but I think the most important thing to recognize here is we are about to hit phase 2. Which means things went well enough in phase 1 to allow us to hit this mark. While it is certainly not fast enough (Who doesn't want everything to come back right away?), it is encouraging to see we are tracking in the right direction and making progress towards that ultimate goal. After being stuck inside for so long and folks being out of work with limited options to make a living, continuing to hit these marks is important for our sanity and our ability to get out and make a living.

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