The Troy Record announced that plans for the yearly Capital Region Grown Up Egg Hunt are changing. You're telling me there's a way to participate in an egg hunt but I don't have to drag a kid along with me? Sign me up!

I try to do what I can to have fun no matter what age I am. I'll play with dolls with my cousins, I'll peek-a-boo until the sun goes down the babies in my family and I think that goes back to my Mother who has taught me to stay young at heart as long as you can.

Ralph Orlowski, Getty Images
Ralph Orlowski, Getty Images

The Capital Region Grown Up Egg Hunt will be from 1PM-3PM on April 23 (the Sunday after Easter) at Jennings Landing as well as along Lark Street and locations in downtown Troy as well. You won't find egg candy but prizes donated from local businesses like getaways and gift cards all to raise money for Albany Center Gallery with the $13 admission.

I love this idea. I love the idea of anyone being able to act like a kid even if technically they aren't one anymore. Who else misses the ability to play on a playground or get dirty in a sandbox? This is the Capital Region's way of giving you that taste of fun-loving childhood, even if just for a few hours. I think I learned that from my Mother. Every year on your birthday you have to add a year to your age but nothing has to make you grow up. What was your favorite memory of play as a child?

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