It seems that many places have been forced to close but there is good news if you love Friendly's restaurants. The two remaining locations in the Capital Region will not be closing anytime soon thanks to the sale of the historic brand. According to Boston Eater, Friendly's restaurants officially has a new owner. The change of ownership allows the legendary franchise to keep its remaining one hundred thirty restaurants to stay open. This includes the two remaining Friendly's restaurants here in the Capital Region.

Friendly's restaurant's home is in Western Massachusetts and if you have traveled out to Massachusetts you know that because of the beautiful hedges that display their logo. It's nice to know that it is not going away anytime soon.

Friendly's Ice Cream Corporation was bought by Amici Partners Group. They have been involved with the restaurant brand over the years not only as loyal customers but as owners. Their President and CEO, Craig Erlich had this to say about Friendly's:

Based on our personal connection to the chain, strong investment capabilities, and seasoned management team, we believe we will be able to continue to reinvigorate this much-loved brand for both loyal patrons and new customers alike.


Friendly's had filed for bankruptcy and I was concerned that our Friendly's restaurants in Clifton Park and Troy would close forever. But with the sale to Amici Partners Group, they have said they will keep the remaining one hundred thirty restaurants open and keep all staff.

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