How many times do you get these "dog trick" videos sent to you from friends?   Many times, if you're like me,  maybe you watch 10 seconds of them, or callously hit "delete" and forget about the whole thing.  Well, 5 seconds of this one hooked me into watching the rest.  A "10" on the "cutesy meter" for sure



My son Ben, a true dog lover, taught our newest addition to the family, Spencer to retrieve a whiffle golf ball.  Hey, that's great.  I was proud of him.  In fact, that's the only way I can get the dog to walk down the street!  I have to toss the golf ball very lightly ahead of him so he'll chase it!  This is hardly "dog whisperer" quality training here, we admit, but still very admirable that he taught him this.

But whoever trained this little terrier (?)  is absolutely amazing.  Again, all of these tricks are coming from one animal!   Click below to watch "Useful Dog Tricks" performed by Jesse!

Is that unreal?  If we taught our dog that many tricks, he'd weigh 450 pounds from all the treats we'd have to give him!

Hope you enjoyed the video and watched more than 5 seconds of it!    Can your animal do any tricks?  Let me  know if there are any out of the ordinary ones.  I'll post your video on my blog! Leave comment below!