Dogs are man’s best friend, but an untrained dog can cause problems at home.  Most dogs can learn the basics with a little persistence – and treats - from their human friends.  It is possible to train some dogs without using treats, but you can speed up the process and help your dog become part of the family by encouraging their good behavior with treats.  In fact, some local professional dog trainers have said the most common mistake people make is to stop rewarding their dog with treats too soon in the training process.

A Dog Needs Reinforcement

When a dog learns a new command, like “sit”, “stay”, or “down” – many people think their work is done.  But a dog needs reinforcement of things he’s learned or he is likely to forget it – or just decide to stop doing it all together.  Get out the treats regularly and spend just a couple minutes practicing all of the commands your dog has learned.  Dogs continue to learn throughout their lives, so you can even add in new commands and “tricks” over time.

Dogs Need a Leader

Dogs are pack animals by nature and need to know who is in charge.  If they don’t consider you the pack leader, they will attempt to become the boss themselves.    You won’t need to dominate or make your dog “submissive” as some people say is necessary as long as you are a confident leader and reward your dog for his good behaviors so he will continue to follow your lead. I can tell you the worst thing that can happen is your dog feels that HE or SHE has to be the pack leader. This is usually where extreme behavior comes from.

Feed Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Just like people feel better or think better when they eat well, a dog’s diet is an important factor in their behavior.  Make sure they’re eating a healthy dog diet and they’ll have less medical problems and better behavior over all. It is also imperative that your dog gets plenty of exercise.

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