While many high schools throughout the Capital Region are in the process of changing their mascot, team name or school symbol to something deemed non-offensive to Native Americans, a man in Cambridge is trying to preserve the imagery associated with the high school nicknamed the "Indians."    He's vocal on social media, has a strong powerful presence in his community, and according to CBS 6 News, he's planning a rally in front of the school this afternoon to "Save the Indian."

Dillon Honyoust is a 2007 Cambridge High School graduate who is very deeply rooted in his hometown and well aware of its history, as well his ancestry.   According to the story by CBS 6 News, Honyoust who is Native American says that today's event will be "a peaceful, positive rally in support of keeping 'Cambridge Indians' as the school's symbol."

Back in February, he wrote this message on his Facebook page in hopes that people of the community will hear him out, and join in his passion:

"The Honyoust family extends our gratitude and respect for all of those who continue to hear our perspective on the Cambridge Indians mascot. We take tremendous pride in our heritage and we have the greatest intent to honor our beloved ancestors. For if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here today." -Dillon Honyoust Facebook 

Honyoust updates the community regularly on his social media platforms and claims that while the school board has heard him out,  he realizes tackling a name change is a difficult hill to climb.  His hope is that the district would keep the name "Indian" but allow his family to help create a new logo, one that according to Honyoust "would promote diversity, equality, and unity while honoring indigenous culture."

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