Apologies for not getting this up sooner, but hopefully many of you had a chance to hear how the meet and greet with Thomas Rhett was for GNA listener and cancer survivor Jim Calhoun of Gansevoort.   For those of you new to the story, Jim Calhoun incredibly won our on-air contest Friday morning after telling GNA that Thomas Rhett's song 'Life Changes' was on repeat for years while he battled leukemia for years.  That was the song that changed his outlook and helped him stay positive during the most grim and trying of times.

Jim won the contest on Friday morning and got to meet his guy Thomas Rhett on Saturday night and while he wished he had some more time with Rhett, his encounter was certainly was one that neither Jim, his wife or Thomas himself won't soon forget.

Here's the follow-up with Jim as heard on Monday morning with Brian and Chrissy on 107.7 WGNA. Who's cutting up all these onions? I hateeeee onions :)

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