If you don't want to go to that holiday party empty-handed, bring the Budweiser. They are coming out with limited-edition cans with beautiful pictures of their classic Clydesdales. According to Delish.com, the limited-edition Holiday Stein cans from Budweiser feature their Clydesdale horses in four different poses. Check out the four different style cans that come in a party pack.

Each of the designs features Clydesdales but they are very different. One is classic featuring just the iconic horses. Another can has a group of horses running in the snow. The third can has the Clydesdales standing proudly in the city. The fourth can has the horses featured on a green background.

The limited-edition cans come in a mixed variety of twenty-four and thirty packs throughout the holidays. They are available now but will only be sold throughout the holiday season. This is a great conversation piece to bring to any holiday party.

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