First Girl Scouts made my week - or at least I thought that they did with the announcement Thursday of not one, but two S'mores based cookies coming to their line in 2017. Now, Hostess really is being the hostess with the mostest (see what I did there?) and bringing deep fried twinkies to the freezer aisle!

You've traveled to all of the local fairs: Saratoga, Schaghticoke, Altamont, Schohairie, even the New York State Fair and every single time, ya just gotta do it: the Deep Fried Twinkie. It's become a thing. A fair staple. Well, Hostess heard your love and took their twinkies and did us a solid. Their first item in their new line of frozen items will be the "deep fried twinkie."

This has been a year long project between Hostess and Wal-Mart to bring this to a store near you as both companies attempt to spark interest with innovative products.

The deep fried twinkies will be lightly battered and partially deep fried prior to freezing and will need a little time in the oven, toaster over or frying pain before eaten. For the first three months, they'll only be available at Wal-Mart locations but for a box of 7, they'll cost less than $5 - SCORE!