When management told us that Capital Region Living Magazine wanted to interview us for the cover of their annual, and very popular "Bestie" edition , Chrissy and I looked at one another with raised eyebrows as if to say, "Really? That's awesome!"  There was definitely a healthy amount of shock considering that most radio shows in 2021 don't get coverage unless they've been fired.   All kidding aside, Chrissy and I are humbled by this award and even more by the magazine's decision to run a feature story.

In March, Chrissy and I entered our 5th year here at GNA (we've been together a total of 15) and in the interview it was nice to reflect on some of the memorable things we've experienced and done as a team.  In this article we talk about personal ups and downs and how we couldn't avoid them on the air, we discussed things we're proud of, things we regret and things that to this day still make us chuckle.  How could we ever forget the time we pretended to legalize prostitution or told you they found dinosaur bones at the old Latham Circle Mall parking lot, both were April Fools Day bits.

It's also worth noting that this award comes at a time when we were probably at our most vulnerable.  The pandemic shifted many people's daily routine and as a result, listening habits were altered.  There were mornings where we literally didn't know if anyone actually heard the show and it messed us up.   But Chrissy and I stayed the course, grinded it out, and came in everyday hoping to inform and entertain the you guys that stuck with us.  So again we say, "Thank You!"

This "Bestie" award means a lot to us and to the entire staff here at GNA.  We hope you enjoy the rest of the article and be sure to check out all of the Capital Region "Bestie" winners in this awesome issue of Capital Region Living Magazine.

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