An 11 year old boy recently tried to reenact the famous scene from the holiday classic 'A Christmas Story - sticking your tongue to a frozen pole - and as you can imagine, the end result wasn't very pretty.

The curious 11 year old boy, Spencer Cline from Illinois, watched the movie 'A Christmas Story' and attempted the stunt to see if his tongue would actually stick to a frozen pole according to News 10 ABC.

Guess what?  It stuck.  And it was very painful.

According to the report, that's when his friend began trying to help his his stuck buddy.  He searched for water and called for help, eventually getting it from to a nearby neighbor who called 911.

The entire ordeal lasted 6 long minutes before paramedics arrived on the scene.

The boy, according to the story, claims to have learned a hard lesson telling the station, "It would really hurt and I would never do it again."

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