The Catamount BMX Park in Bennington, Vermont has been struck by vandals, again.

BMX rider Boris Johnson
BMX rider Boris Johnson (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

In this incident, the concession stand was the target. Someone kicked the door of the concession stand out, and then stole several items, including tee shirts, soda, freeze pops, and candy.

The bike park is used by many of the children in the area. It is run by donations and volunteers. It was struck by vandals about two weeks ago. In that incident, several items at the park were ruined which included damage to several picnic tables, banners that had obscenities spray painted on them and damage the park’s food stand. That act of vandalism led to the arrest of two people.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, The Bennington Police are asking for the public’s assistance, and would like a call. If anyone has information about this incident, you can contact them at 802-448-1030.

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