While most Bills fans were bummed following a loss on Sunday in their season opener, there was one young member of Bills Mafia who hasn't stopped smiling for weeks.

Joshy Hutchinson, 11, went viral back on September 2nd when he officially smashed cancer then celebrated his last chemo treatment by smashing through a cardboard table.  The video was shared everywhere and Joshy became the feel-good story we all needed.

The video was even seen by Bills star QB Josh Allen, whose retweet with the comment "This is so awesome!" had to make young Joshy's hair stand up on the back of his neck.  I get chills thinking about it.

In Joshy's world, the home loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday takes a backseat to things like health, family, and community - providing the kind of perspective we all need at times.

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In the above tweet, it's noted that Joshy had always wanted to attend a Bills game, and meet his idol, Josh Allen.

We can all see the writing on the wall:  Kid beats cancer.  Kid smashes table Bills Mafia-style.  Kid's video is loved by the star quarterback of the Bills.

I think we all know what's next: Who's cutting onions in here?

According to WKBW in Buffalo, on Sunday, Joshy's greatest two-week span continued as the two Josh's finally got to meet one another before the game.

“It was a great way to celebrate no more cancer,” Joshy’s mom, Lynae Hutchinson, said. “It really was.”

“It was cool, and it was a dream come true,” Joshy told WKBW News. “He even signed my helmet!”

Even in a die-hard sports town like Buffalo, a football game is just a football game and despite the loss, one Joshy Hutchinson can't stop grinning.

Because he had the best week two weeks of his young life, and he got the win that really mattered; beating the pants off of cancer.


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