Did you know President Clinton is one of New York's elector's in the Electoral College?Well now ya do! According to a story from Time Warner Cable, the former President will be in town tomorrow to place his electoral college vote for his wife Hillary. I had no idea either the former President was one of New York's Electors. So that got me to thinking - how does one get selected to place votes for the electoral college?

Here is how the process works, according to the National Archives and Records Administration:

Political parties often choose Electors for the slate to recognize their service and dedication to that political party. They may be state elected officials, state party leaders, or people in the state who have a personal or political affiliation with their party's Presidential candidate.

So Bill makes sense for several reasons: his service as a Democratic Governor and President, and of course his 'personal and political' affiliation with Hillary.

There have been so many crazy stories out there since Trump became President-elect, and it is sure to be an interesting day tomorrow as the electors place there votes for President.