All of the people currently running for President have come to the Capital District and have since moved on to other parts of New York to shore up votes in the upcoming primary on Tuesday. I have to admit, there wasn't one of them I felt I really wanted to go hear speak. It's not that I don't care about politics it's just that so far none of them have inspired me to give them my support, yet. The news that President Bill Clinton will be in town, however, gets me almost giddy. I would re-elect the guy right now if I could.

I look back longingly to a country with a strong economy, a growing middle class, welfare reform and debt reduction. In fairness, it wasn't just Bill who made these things happen. There are many things about the economy that cannot be "controlled" by anyone and even in the political spectrum it was Newt Gingrich as well as Bill and their ability to compromise and work together that propelled us forward. Whatever the reasons and to whom gets credit, our country has not seen times like that since and to that end I'd love to see what the man says about our country moving forward. Though, also to be fair, I'm pretty sure he will say something like we need to vote for his wife.

If he knows what's good for him.

If you are interested in attending , Bill Clinton, Governor Cuomo and Senator Gillibrand will all be there. The event starts at 9 a.m. at the Desmond and you can click here to register:

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