As we get ready to head to the polls today to vote in the New York primary, this is our chance to be heard on who we think the best candidates are. If you decide not to vote, you probably shouldn't do this down the road.

Complain. That's right. If you don't vote, I think any complaints you have down the road about the candidates or whoever ends up winning the election should be kept to yourself. Why? As Americans, this is our chance for our opinions on candidates to be counted. While it may seem small, and maybe one vote will not win the primary for your candidate, it is the best time to voice your opinion and have it hold some weight for a candidate.

If you decide not to voice your opinion when it counts, complaints down the road hold less weight. So Republican or Democrat, Trump, Bernie or Hillary. Whoever you think is the right candidate, get out and exercise your right to have your voice heard today. Maybe one vote won't sway the results, but it is your voice being heard. And if everyone though their vote didn't mater - no one would get elected! After voting, you can then feel free to complain away in the coming years if you are not happy with he job they are doing! ;)

Get out and vote!

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