This morning we had a couple of calls from people asking about today's primary elections. I could tell that they were a little worried that we may make fun of them for not knowing the answer to some of these questions especially if they were older than twenty. The truth of the matter is I would never make anyone feel bad about not knowing where in their community they have to go to vote, or what the difference is between an open or closed primary. I get excited when people get excited about the opportunity to vote.

So here is the deal I don;t know all the answers myself but I know if I wasn't sure I would probably first want to know if I am legible to vote, well in the general elections everyone who is registered to vote can go and vote for anyone they want but today is a primary and in New York State you have to be registered either a Democrat or a Republican and you will only be voting for the candidates in your own party.

The other most common question is where to vote, well that is different depending on where you live. You can find out if you are registered to vote and if so where your polling place is with this link.  Or just click the button below and then get out there and VOTE!

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