Did you send your kids to school today? When I tell you the latest TikTok trend you might decide to go pick them up! Allegedly there is a "mass shooting challenge" spawning from the social media platform and Friday December 17th is the target date. Yes, that's today!

What the heck is going on with TikTok? Over the last 12 months alone users have encouraged kids to "goof" on parents by putting needles in Halloween candy. Then there was the "Lug Nut Prank" where people were encouraged to loosen the lug nuts on someone's vehicle! None of these are funny and today is certainly no joke.

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According to several Capital Region school districts, including Mechanicville and Clifton Park, this "challenge" is not being taken lightly. In a message to all parents and guardians, the Shenendehowa Central School District stated:

If you are not already aware, there is a TikTok post circulating about a possible mass school shooting challenge nationwide for Friday December 17. The threats are not specific to ShenendehowaThe Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the post and is taking precautions to make sure all of the schools in Saratoga County are safe. Although we do not believe the threat to be credible, we are not taking the situation lightly. - Dr. L. Oliver Robinson, Superintendent of Schools

Patch.com suggests that this latest challenge started as a way for students to skip school but this has clearly turned into something much more serious. Here is a TikTok video from a New York mom spreading the word about the challenge.

@enigmasoul_ dec17th tik tok challange against schools!plz keep this going hit like!! #viral #danger #newchallenge #fyp ♬ original sound - Kay

In the comments of her post you can see families from Georgia, New Jersey, Maine and all over the United States are sharing similar stories and many are choosing to keep their kids home from school.

Let's not forget the "devious licks challenge" where people were encouraged to steal and damage property.

TikTok's "Devious Licks Challenge"

Destroying school and other public property is one of many challenges originating from TikTok.

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