It seems every time we turn around there is another scam. There is one that is circulating through the Capital Region claiming they are from a local sheriff's office and you own money in fines. According to News 10 ABC, their is a warning from the Columbia County Sheriff's office that claims that there is a new phone scam. There are a handful of people that have reported getting phone calls from someone stating that they work for the Colombia County Sheriff's office and they are asking for money to pay a fine.

Their caller ID does show the sheriff's office phone number and one report said that the individual on the other end claimed to be Lieutenant Wayne Lopez from the sheriff's office.

One of the scammers said that the person owed two thousand dollars in fines for failing to report for jury duty. They also rattled off a series of confirmation numbers to make the caller feel as if the call was legit. The scammer said that they had to purchase Visa gift cards at a local store and send them to an address they gave. It was a Washington, D.C. address.

The sheriff's office will never ask for payment in gift cards or notify you if you had missed jury duty over the phone. You will always be contacted by mail first.

If you have also been a victim or received a similar call, you are urged to contact the Columbia County Sheriff's office at 518-828-3344.

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