Bethlehem seniors provided another example of how GOOD things and GOOD people will always come through when bad things happen.

According to News 10, Bethlehem Seniors came up with something better than the traditional Senior prank: they instead honored the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

The students built a pinwheel tribute and sang the Beatles 'Let It Be' in their honor. As I wrote above, the good always rises to the top when tragedies like the one in Orlando happen, and this is another example. And wow, what a great group of kids. You probably took part in a Senior prank. It is one of those silly things you do that is a tradition, and usually something everyone looks forward to as you wrap up high school. For these kids to get together as a group and push that aside for a great cause says a lot about their character. Kudos to the Bethlehem Seniors!

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