Schools across several states were recently attacked by hackers.

It is one of the perils of having everyone's data saved on a computer. It seems there are always hackers trying to get to that data, and now a local school system's records have been compromised.

According to a Times Union report, hackers recently gained access to info for over 2,000 students, including names and birth dates. The breach occurred in November, and in school officials informed parents in August there was no indication the data was 'misused.' The Times Union report says the breach affected 13,000 other schools over a bunch of states. Pearson Education, who stored the data that was breached, is offering one year of credit monitoring to those affected.

So even schools are getting hacked these days! It is just another reminder you can never take enough precautions to keep your info safe. That said, at times it seems there is only so much you can do - it is just one of the things we will deal with more and more in a digital world.



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