With many Capital Region schools resorting to remote learning, the temptation seems greater than ever for students to be dishonest with their school work.  There are many ways for students to cheat on math projects, tests and exams with at-home learning but teachers are more equipped than ever to identify the ones that are doing so.  One local school supervisor has had enough, sending out a letter to parents alerting them that they're on to the sneaky students and this won't be tolerated.

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According to a story from the Times Union, Bethlehem math supervisor William Clairmont sent a letter to parents telling them that "academic dishonesty" has been up significantly as of late and that teachers are well aware of apps that are making it easier for students to cheat.  But at the same time, according to the report, "this type of cheating is easy for our teachers to spot," he added.  He also said they would be punished.

The Times Union reports that in the letter sent to parents, Clairmont pointed out that the various apps students are improperly using "is a violation of the district’s Code of Conduct and more importantly, will be detrimental to a student’s success in the future."

According to the Times Union, some of the apps use very distinctive wording and phrases that make it obvious for teachers to identify work that is not theirs.  In the letter, the Bethlehem School District was not only hoping to inform and educate parents on the severity of the issue, but also let them know that help is available to any student struggling with their work.

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