Did you hear Sean and I chatting/arguing about how to properly cook a turkey this morning?  Well, I'm correct, for the record!
Here's what you do guys...
In a half a gallon of apple cider, dissolve half cup of brown sugar and half cup of salt... cool that down then add 2 boxes of chicken stock, cup of whiskey, a handful of herbs... whatever you've got around, 2 cinnamon sticks, a sprinkle of peppercorns!
Put the bird in a bucket, throw that brine on top, and cover with water!  
Soak that sucker overnight!
Take the turkey out of the brine 24 hours later.  Rinse him off, pat him down and put him in the pan per usual.  Rub butter allllllllll over the skin! Yesssssss to butter!  And bake like you usually would!
You can put some of the whiskey and brown sugar in your gravy to echo the flavors of your brine if you wanna!  (Definitely do that!)
Happy thanksgiving!  Enjoy!