Turkey is the star this week, but if you have some in your fridge, you should check and make sure it isn't being recalled. Here are the details. Thanksgiving is this week and while we are thinking about the big bird in the oven, thousands of pounds of ground turkey are being recalled. According to News 10 ABC, a salmonella outbreak is being linked to Jennie-O ground turkey. Over ninety one thousand pounds of the ground turkey is being recalled.

There are four types of the Jennie-O ground turkey products. The taco seasoned raw ground turkey, the Italian seasoned, eighty five percent lean ground turkey and the ninety three percent lean ground turkey.

This is a nationwide recall. They were shipped all over the country. There have been more than one hundred sixty people hospitalized in thirty five states and one death related to the ground turkey.

There may be more products recalled in the future regarding the outbreak.

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