I sound like a broken record here (or CD, mp3 -whatever), but I'm always shocked at how these things come together.  This one started with a line uttered by comedian/actor  Ricky Gervais in a commercial during the Emmy Awards.  It ended up becoming a song about our very own Bethany! 

After hearing the first two lines that you came up with, I immediately heard an Irish song in my head, so I went with it (there's not much time to sit there and mull it over - it has to be written and sung by the end of the show.  This is PRESSURE, people!

Your lyrics ended up rhyming perfectly, which made it all that much easier.  With that in mind, here is your finished product…

Again, thanks for your participation.  That wraps up yet ANOTHER Write A Song Wednesday!  Would you like to hear the others?


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