Bethany Linderman of the Sean and Richie show made a special guest appearance at Kevin and Richie's Country Cabin Fever Party.

In addition to stumping the crowd, and providing many laughs, with her interactive trivia game, Bethany made her Northeast singing debut. With only a few days of practice, Dave The Producer on the guitar, a party-crasher named 'June Bug' on the harmonica, and Richie at the piano, Bethany kicked off the 'Midnight Jam' with a 'countrified' version of the Cindi Lauper classic 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.'

Prior to performing, the newest voice on GNA, joined in on the party favorites 'Cha Cha Slide' 'Electric Slide' and 'Cupid Shuffle,' and was officially welcomed to the Northeast! Bethany also had the honors of introducing Country Idol winner Bobby Kendall.

Bethany is a fresh fun addition to the GNA cast, and we hope to see her at many more events.

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Bethany's Trivia
Michelle Miller, Kevin Richards Entertainment



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