If you have been sucked in to the Pokemon Go craze, here are the best places in Albany to play.

There is a Reddit thread where users are posting the best spots to play in New York's Capital. Here are some of the current hotspots to catch Pokemon in the Albany according to Reddit users:

  • Washington Park
  • Empire State Plaza
  • UAlbany
  • Delaware Avenue
  • Shaker Village
  • Clifton Commons

Keep following the Reddit thread for more hotspots; I am sure there will be more and more posted over the coming days as the Pokemon Go craze takes over the Capital Region. As crazy as this whole thing is, at least it's getting people outside - albeit while they are staring at their phones.

The next craze will be You Tube videos of people walking in to stuff or into fountains while playing the game. If you are playing, maybe it's a good time to finally grab that waterproof smartphone!

Happy Pokemon hunting!