Sherry Norton's body was discovered on Wednesday, May 3rd at her Hadley home. The cause of death, according to an autopsy was by blunt trauma which is believed to be an ax to the back of her head. An absolutely horrific way to go and the alleged attacker is said to be her husband, Michael Norton.

Michael was found in the home just after 1am when police arrived due to a call about "some sort of unknown problem," according to Deputies. Sherrif Michael Zurlo said that Norton was removed from the home and medically evaluated at Saratoga Hospital before being taken into custody. He also believes they have motive for the killing and that they are conducting an investigation.

In the meantime, Norton, who said the situation was an "accident" has been charged with second-degree murder and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He's currently in prison without bail.

Sherry Norton had an active refrain from order in place, which is like an order of protection yet allows the other party to be within the presence of the person, according to the Daily Gazette.

I saw this story and I was immediately reminded of another killing locally that involved an ax that reached national press coverage: Chris Porco. The Porco case has been covered by so many news and television outlets, it has even been a part of the show, Forensic Files. You can see the episode below:



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