Last week I took my daughter to see 'Captain America: The First avenger'. I really liked it and so did she. They paid enough respect to the comic and did enough to bring in the average movie goer. One caution for you. Don't bother seeing it in 3D we did and you really don't need it to enjoy the movie. One thing I like that Marvel does is they leave a little present after the credits for you. After 'Iron Man' you meet Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson, Iron Man 2 you get a clue about 'Thor' and I haven't seen Thor yet but I know there's a hidden egg there too. Captain America did not disappoint. Ella was not thrilled I made her wait for the credits to end but even she agreed the payoff was worth it. Lucky for you! You have me so you don't have to wait! Here's the footage no waiting!

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