When I was little, I can remember driving through Troy almost every single day with my Dad. We would always drive by the Hot Dog Charlies on 2nd Avenue and when we did, you'd get that wiff of deliciousness.

When my family opened up a baseball card shop on 5th Avenue in the 90's, I can remember driving over with my Mom and grabbing some dogs and the famous Charlies sauce to bring back to the shop for lunch.

After the fire that destroyed their original Troy hub in 2009, Hot Dog Charlies is making it's big return to the city on the very avenue my parents store was sat.

Get ready because 472 5th Avenue is going to be the biggest and best (I added that last part) Hot Dog Charlies in the area! (other locations are in Cohoes, Clifton Park and Rensselaer.)

By the time you read this, it'll be open (11am Tuesday morning!) Heck, maybe it'll be perfect for your lunch today!

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