I am always paranoid and on guard any time I use an ATM. You always hear of devices being put on or in the card reader to scam people. Well for a fourth time the thieves have struck in Glens Falls. But this time they have surveillance footage and they need your help. The latest bank to have been fitted with the skimming device was the drive thru ATM at the Parks Heritage Federal Credit Union in Glens Falls. Police and bank officials say that from June 25th through July 2nd, 351 bank cards were used in this ATM, including bank employees. It gathered card numbers, expiration dates and PIN numbers, but the bank said they were able to block the cards affected and reimburse money to those targeted.

Police warn customers to always check your statements and be aware of any strange happenings or devices attached to the ATMs you use. Scammers are getting more sophisticated in the way the devices look. Be aware.

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