Yesterday we found the most fascinating list on our local page!  We were looking for a missed connection to present on the air, as we do every Tuesday morning, and Sean, Richie, and I all were shocked by this particular post.

A woman, presumably unmarried, from Glens Falls had posted a general "warning" for all married women.

Here's what she said -

Hello Married Women, Here's 10 Top Reasons Why Your Man is Looking For Me:

1) You have gained 40 pounds since your were married.
2) You complain all the time no matter what.
3) Your personal hygiene is not what it used to be.
4) You spend way more time eating than you do exercising.
5) You are insecure and have low self-esteem especially around fantastic women like me.
6) You can find anything good to say to him or about him even when he deserves it.
7) When you have sex it's about as boring as not having sex.
8) You have not turned him on in quite a long time.
9) You are selfish and every situation ends up being about you.
10) At some point, you started caring more about his money and status than satisfying him.

I know, right!?!?!  Woof!

Now, you might agree with her, and you might not, but you have to admit, she did make you think a little.

We got several calls regarding the list.  Some women agreed, saying that you need to take care of yourself after you get married, some said this woman was the very reason that men go astray!

Some men called and said, no, this woman is crazy, but some men could totally relate.

We couldn't form any one conclusion based on our callers' opinions, except for the fact that marriage is hard, and every marriage is different, and taking care of yourselves, and each other is important.  Soooooo... nothing new, I guess.

We want your opinion, what do you think of this post from a very opinionated Glens Falls woman?