Last week, the Jerico Drive-In opened up and patrons respected the new series of rule changes and guidelines. This weekend, the Malta, Hollywood and the Hi-Way Drive-In will open and they have listed a series of social distancing and safety guidelines that they expect patrons to follow. They do slightly vary from place to place so make sure you check, before you go.

According to CBS 6 News, the Malta Drive-In will be open for business starting this Friday night May 22. The popular drive-in theater will feature two screens for movie-goers and according to the report, screen #1 will be showing a double feature of "Trolls: World Tour" followed by "Jumanji." Screen #2 will show a much less "family-friendly" double feature consisting of horror movies.

Guidelines for the Malta Drive-In (include but aren't limited to) the following: Masks must be worn anytime you are not inside your vehicle. According to their Facebook page, they are allowing 2 lawn chairs outside of your vehicles that must be placed directly between your vehicle and the screen. Attendance will be capped at 50%.

Guidelines for the Hollywood Drive-In in Averill Park are slightly different from the Malta Drive-In. According to their Facebook page, they will not allow you to sit or play outside of your vehicle and you may only leave the car to visit the bathroom or concession stands.

The Hi-Way Drive-In in Coxsackie will not make you wear a mask when you exit your vehicle, as long as you are practicing strict social distancing, 6 feet away from another person. They also are allowing people to sit outside of their vehicle as long as you are social distancing. If not, you must wear a mask.

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