In the back of our house in Niskayuna there are already a swarm of bees hiding somewhere.  They hover over our deck area, and I can't figure out where they are originating from.  It's bad enough when they are somewhere in your house, but how about when they get into your CAR, like in this guy's case? 

Isn't it a bit early in the season for bees?  I see they're complaining about it in Ohio, according to a blogger at  Maybe they're traveling in from Ohio then.  Who knows?

bee bearding contest in hunana

No, this isn't the guy I'm talking about.  I threw that photo in as a joke.  But the guy in the video below is for REAL  I found this courtesy of .  Take a look at one person's attempt to get thousands of bees out of the engine of his car!


So next time you think you have troubles, think of this guy. (Is there an exterminator in the house?) What insects are YOU seeing that you shouldn't be seeing this time of year?  Would love to know.  Write your comments down in the comment section at the end of the blog. How about birds? Seeing any birds? Come on! Tell me about the birds and the bees... (groan)


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