How about this weather, huh?  Albany's Washington Park was filled with runners, couples walking, families going for strolls and it felt like late April on January 11th.  People were wearing shorts, t-shirts, and at most hoodies. The sudden warm trend we're experiencing this weekend may only last a couple of days but who's complaining?  Sure, we still have months to go before we can put away the 12 layers we need just to walk the dogs or go to the grocery store but it's weekends like the one we're having right now that help us get through our annual brutal Capital Region winters.

Yes, it's just a tease.  We know it's not going to last, but it's exactly the kind of respite many of us were looking for.  If someone wanted to serve you filet mignon on sloppy joe night, you wouldn't turn it down would you?  If all of us sudden you received an all expense paid trip to the French Riviera but you had plans to spend the week on the Finger Lakes, you would change your plans in a heartbeat.  It could have easily been minus 9 this weekend, but the weather Gods threw us a bone for a change.

Back to back days in the 60's in the middle of January and it's on a weekend no less.  I hope you're enjoying it, and not thinking about how "we're going to pay for with when March rolls around and we get 3 feet of snow".

The reality is, even if without this little break from winter, that's probably going to happen anyways.

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