Congratulations, you sneaky little cruise line company. You've outdone yourself with your tricky little telemarketing campaign of yours. Have YOU gotten this one?

I get this call about once every two days at least. It starts out like this:

"Hi, this is (whomever) from (whatever Cruise Lines) I have a great offer for you today. Can you hear me ok?"

So of course, you answer "Yes I can."


William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The woman then continues with her shpeel. Now the first time I tried to interrupt her, but she wouldn't listen. Why? Because she's a recording. And so is the "Can you hear me ok?" part. ALL OF IT IS A RECORDING! 

It's so realistic, you would never believe that it's a robo call. I'm just wondering if by chance anyone has gotten this call?  I feel very bad for the elderly who would easily get duped by something like this. I almost did. ANYONE could. It should be illegal. Just sayin…